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How do you come up with such an idea?

Necessity is the mother of invention. In 2015 I just bought some glitter. Stuffed some into pills and put them up for sale on Ebay. But not a single pack was sold until a YouTuber became aware of this product in July 2016 and wanted to know if you could actually "shit glitter"! And since then my life has just changed!
We have continuously developed the product, improved quality, used better glitter, and it's just awesome. We now deliver to 27 countries from Australia to Greenland, and XMAS time is GLITZERPILLEN time. Our "Sh!t the Glitter" is simply the "KULT" gift for employees, popular with best friends and simply belongs on the table. ;)

Why am I redirected to www.glitterpillen.de?

Since 2020 the censorship on the internet has increased considerably and the word "SHIT" is unfortunately much worse than any head-chopping video on Twitter, Facebook and Co. That is why we are not allowed to advertise with "Sh!t the Glitter" and it is getting more and more difficult to place products. For this reason we have named the site glitter pills, with even better service, thanks to our hard box guarantee!

What is actually Sh!t the Glitter?

Sh!t the Glitter is for glitter fans, unicorns, shitties and everyone who wants to succumb to the spirit of glitter. Here you can find what you've never been looking for.
If you don't have glitter (yet), you've come to the right place, because with the glitter pills you'll have more fun than ever before. STG is particularly popular at Christmas. Our glitter capsules belong to Christmas like glitter on your pile.

What do I need that for? 

That's one of our favorite questions! First and foremost, it's a joke that always puts a smile on your face! Because nothing is more beautiful than a happy, smiling face, and especially when it still contains a personalized message, the joy is great. And we all know how IMPORTANT the happiness hormones are for our body.

1. for bad days because nothing is easier than opening, sprinkle and twinkle! For you or for someone whose shit burns more often.
Then you can just #Glitzerdrauf and on you go!

2. as a craziest gift that has ever been given away. And Sh!t the Glitter belongs to Christmas, like toilet paper to the toilet. It's just cult, your children will even talk about it!
The special thing is that we can also personalize your gift on request.

3. have a good read! Read the reviews online, on Amazon or anywhere else! Because of STG, the laughter it creates or just as a very special kind of souvenir, some people got to know each other ;) A perfect moment to bring glitter into the air, especially at weddings.

4. as potty training. We got so many letters about potty training that we made a special edition for it. It has never been easier for the little ones to hit the bog than with our Pottytraining

5. as a beauty trend for men. Glitter in the beard. You can't simply lose a bet. It doesn't hurt anyone, but it still catches the eye! And you can show that even as a "man" you have a "glittering" side. The absolute must for the New Year at your New Year's Eve party!

What can I do with Sh!t the Glitter?

Sprinkle it!!
Everyone knows those days when the boss is unjust, receives bad mail or is just annoyed. That's exactly what STG is for! We always have a glass of glitter pills on the toilet, because nothing is better than #Glitzerdrauf and then on you go.
Blow it!
What could be nicer than taking glitter in your hand and reinforce the New Year with your wishes and your resolutions with glitter?
As a lucky charm!
Everyone needs a bit of luck! Our STG glitter has the right effect, because it was consecrated and blessed by a unicorn especially for you in the Philippines

Is the glitter edible?

Our glitter is vegan and the pills are biodegradable, but financially we just can't afford to comply with the extensive and expensive German food laws. - All the articles that meet this requirement are specially marked with edible!
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