Everythings gone be all Pride!

Only be Pride during the Pride month? Not with us! With our PRIDE Edition it works every second. Just when you get angry about injustice again: you are allowed to do everything! Throw, scatter or just blow it!


  • approx. 8 pills
  • Colour: Mix
  • veganer Glitzer, biologisch abbaubare Kapseln, halal und lactosefrei!
  • Size: approx 6 x 12 cm

Be proud and glitter every day!


Special feature with every edition we buy, we donate 1 euro to help the homeless!




Facts: Our pills are vegan, our glitter is biodegradable. Every product is handmade, stuffed and packaged just for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not suitable for human consumption and to be kept out of the reach of children and animals. Not for use in the genital area and do not pull through the nose. If the product is opened, liability is transferred to the buyer. Tip: Should a Sh!t the Glitter pill get lost in your mouth, please, rinse with a lot of milk to "neutralize" it!


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