Roses, chocolates and trips are just ordinary gifts. Here is the ultimate GLAMOR gift with the guaranteed love glitter factor . Give your message to your loved one and look forward to your Valentines Edition.


  • approx 10 glitterpills
  • Colour: Mix 
  • Size: approx 6 x 12 cm

If you wish, we can create your love quote!

Important: this edition is only sold in the period from 1.1 - 14.2 each year!


  • approx 7 glitterpils * + 1 Love quote
  • + fun application option
  • Color: Heart - Glitter - Mix
  • Size: approx. 6 x 8 cm

Love can be so beautiful with glitter!




Facts: Our pills are vegan, our glitter is biodegradable. Every product is handmade, stuffed and packaged just for you.



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