Let's walk! A small running poop has always brought joy, and this one is with glitter. There's a child in all of us, isn't there? Our WalkingSh!t is exactly what you have always been looking for.

Content: 1 x WalkingSh!t + Baggy of your choice

Material: 100% plastics
Color: as per picture
DIMS: 8 x 6cm and height 9cm
Age: > 5 Years
Movement is created by winding up the motor.

Baggy (selection)
Colour: Mix
Content: 10 glitterpills
DIM: 6x12cm

2 products that have been made with a lot of love and passion especially for you.

Facts: Our pills are vegan, our glitter is biodegradable. Every product is handmade, stuffed and packaged just for you.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not suitable for human consumption and to be kept out of the reach of children and animals. Not for use in the genital area and do not pull through the nose. If the product is opened, liability is transferred to the buyer. Tip: Should a Sh!t the Glitter pill get lost in your mouth, please, rinse with a lot of water to "neutralize" it!






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