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About us

There are many colors between black and white! Many say the world is colorful, but we say nothing is better than Glitter! Because the world is more than colorful, it sparkles.
We put a smile on people's faces and say that you should just see things a little easier! If it gets bad, sometimes something does not work out, just "glitter it" and on you go.
Lady Pia:
My name ist Pia and I'm playing in the glitter! My main tasks are to fill the pills and check the quality of them. Furthermore I pack our awesome baggies.

My motto:
Who thinks sex is the best, never took a real sh!t.

The Glittterfairy of Sh!t the Glitter

The letter pigeon of STG

Old Tom:
Hi, I'm Tom. I'm responsible that the pills are as fast as possible in your hands and make you smile! I care for shipping and transaction.

My motto:
Glitter is always a reason!

Sir Ben:
I am Ben. The so called boss of the droppings. My job includes to tame the droppings and my employees. Also I do product development, quality checks, ERP and I make sure that our glitter fans only get the best!
I also take care of product development, inventory management and quality control. I ensure you truly have a unique experience.

My motto:
Enjoy the day and most important: spread glitter!

The boss the shit

Sir Ben Avatar

The right hand of Glitter

Sir John:
I'm John, the boss's loyal right-hand man. My responsibilities are creating new layouts, designs, website, blablabla. Such things. But my main job is to make sure we all have fun at work.

My motto:

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