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Do STG capsules strain our glitter earth?

All of our capsules are biodegradable and are certified capsules from a German manufacturer!

This is verified by the manufacturer of the capsules by:
- Certificates on microbiological examinations
- BSE, Kosher and Halal Certificates
- Hygienic processing and packaging
- Systematic batch monitoring
- Regular quality controls

Of course, the glitter comes from a certified, German manufacturer and is vegan. 
The glitter is used for crafts i.e. in kindergartens and in the international film industry.

What's in the glitter?

The vegan glitter is made of polylactic acid (PLA), a polymer derived from cornstarch or sugar cane. 
It is made only from renewable raw materials and sources. 
The proportion of biodegradable material is 99.9%, the gloss is generated by <0.1% color pigments. 
The glitter is free of heavy metals and petroleum-based plastics.

How does glitter break down in nature?

The glitter is compostable to carbon dioxide, water and biomass and certified according to DIN EN 13432: 200-12.
This means that the vegan glitter under ideal conditions in an aqueous medium (many bacteria, a lot of moisture, a lot of heat) in at least 90% within 6 months to carbon dioxide, water and minerals is degraded. 
Depending on where you use our glitter, however, there are different environmental conditions. 
Therefore, degradation in nature may take longer under less than ideal conditions.

We recommend you to remove the glitter after the party with a paper towel and to put in the organic waste. 
In an industrial composting plant, the best conditions exist for breaking down the glitter.

Is the glitter suitable for vegans?

Yes. No animal experiments were carried out, neither during production nor with the finished product.

Can I eat the glitter?

Our lawyer advises us to answer:
For legal reasons we can not answer this question.
Only: The capsules are biodegradable and the glitter is vegan. An application on e.g. the body and lips is not a problem.

What happens if I still swallow a STG capsule?

If you inadvertently swallow an STG capsule, we recommend rinsing with plenty of water.
Of course no alcohol! 

Nevertheless you are obliged as a buyer to keep all STG products out of the reach of children and animals. 
If the product is opened, the liability is transferred to the buyer! 
It is a joke article, the buyer is responsible for a proper use and bears the storage obligation!
You have more questions, suggestions, improvements then write us!!
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