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Sh!t the Glitter

Shit the Glitter is the appeal to glamour

sold glitterpills till 2016
Shit the Glitter represents the joy of gift giving, a glittery outlook on life and, of course, fun on the toilet.

There is hardly a reason that glitter pills can not enhance: The perfect fun for birthday, company party, bachelor party, wedding, divorce, birth, christening, communion, confirmation, last rites, farewell party, bachelor party, bar mitzvah celebration and and and...

How to use

Make it!
Do it!
Love it!

About us

There are many colors between black and white! Many say the world is colorful, but we say nothing is better than Glitter! Because the world is more than colorful, it sparkles.
We put a smile on people's faces and say that you should just see things a little easier! If you feel bad, sometimes things do not work out, just "glitter it" and on you go.
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