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Für "große" Einhörner - setze dein Haufen in verzücken!


You can't get more unicorn than this! Glitter is the unicorn's constant companion! Especially when the day just doesn't go that way! Then the unicorn glitter is just the thing. Because there is nothing easier than: open sprinkle and be happy!

There aren't that many unicorns, that's why "only for a short time!"


  • approx 10 glitterpills **
  • Color: Mix (biodegradable)
  • Size: approx 6 x 12 cm

Don't be sad - have glitter!




Facts: Pills are vegan, the glitter is biodegradable.

Every product is made by hand extra for you!


1 review for Für "große" Einhörner - setze dein Haufen in verzücken!

  1. Stefan Chelius

    Ich hab das Set bisher 2x verschenkt, es kam immer gut an und die Freude bei den Beschenkten war enorm... wie hoffentlich der Effekt

    • Ben Zahn

      Perfekt! Jedes Einhorn ist ein Gewinn 😉

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